Add A Little – 1 Year Old Curriculum – Unit 3


Vocabulary: Down, Under, Tunnel, Through

Disclaimer: All activities require adult supervision and discretion. Read more…

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Let’s Wiggle

Tube Drop


  • Empty paper towel roll (or toilet paper roll)
  • Tape (or other method to attach the tube to a wall)
  • 1 Container
  • 3-10 Items small enough to fit through the tube

Based on your child, you might choose:

    • Plastic spoons
    • Washable markers (if your child can’t open them)
    • Small socks rolled into balls
    • Pompoms
    • Q-tips

Caution: Items small enough to fit through a paper towel tube may be potential choking hazards. Use your discretion when choosing which items to use. If preferred, consider making a wider tube from cardboard or by combining two tubes. Then you can use larger items, such as plastic chain links, and still have just as much fun.


  • Using tape, or another method, secure the tube to an open section of wall
  • Place all the items in the container

Time to Play:

  • Invite your child over. Choose an item to drop through the tube. Be excited when it falls out the bottom.
  • Encourage your child to try dropping an item through the tube.

Let’s Explore

Tunnel Play


  • Materials to build a small tunnel, consider:
    • Mega Bloks or other connecting blocks
    • Cardboard
    • Small furniture with tall enough legs for toys to go under
  • 1 year old appropriate small cars or balls


  • Build a tunnel that is big enough for your cars or balls to go through and is about as long as your child’s arm

Time to Play:

  • Show your child how to roll a car or ball under the tunnel. Encourage them to roll one under.
  • Consider sitting on the opposite side of the tunnel from your child so you can pass the cars and balls back under the tunnel to them.
  • Extend the play: If your child wants to crawl under the tunnel themselves, consider using a sturdy chair or bench as a 1 year old sized tunnel. Set it in an open area and encourage them to crawl under.

Let’s Sing

Rain is Falling Down

Let’s Read

Up and Down

By: Catherine Hnatov

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Let’s Sing

Christian Song

Isn’t He Wonderful

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