Add A Little – 1 Year Old Curriculum – Unit 3


Vocabulary: Down, Under, Tunnel, Through

Disclaimer: All activities require adult supervision and discretion. Read more…

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Let’s Wiggle

Tube Drop


  • Empty paper towel roll (or toilet paper roll)
  • Tape (or other method to attach the tube to a wall)
  • 1 Container
  • 3-10 Items small enough to fit through the tube

Based on your child, you might choose:

    • Plastic spoons
    • Washable markers (if your child can’t open them)
    • Small socks rolled into balls
    • Pompoms
    • Q-tips

Caution: Items small enough to fit through a paper towel tube may be potential choking hazards. Use your discretion when choosing which items to use. If preferred, consider making a wider tube from cardboard or by combining two tubes. Then you can use larger items, such as plastic chain links, and still have just as much fun.


  • Using tape, or another method, secure the tube to an open section of wall
  • Place all the items in the container

Time to Play:

  • Invite your child over. Choose an item to drop through the tube. Be excited when it falls out the bottom.
  • Encourage your child to try dropping an item through the tube.

Let’s Explore

Tunnel Play


  • Materials to build a small tunnel, consider:
    • Mega Bloks or other connecting blocks
    • Cardboard
    • Small furniture with tall enough legs for toys to go under
  • 1 year old appropriate small cars or balls


  • Build a tunnel that is big enough for your cars or balls to go through and is about as long as your child’s arm

Time to Play:

  • Show your child how to roll a car or ball under the tunnel. Encourage them to roll one under.
  • Consider sitting on the opposite side of the tunnel from your child so you can pass the cars and balls back under the tunnel to them.
  • Extend the play: If your child wants to crawl under the tunnel themselves, consider using a sturdy chair or bench as a 1 year old sized tunnel. Set it in an open area and encourage them to crawl under.

Let’s Sing

Rain is Falling Down

Let’s Sing

Christian Song

Isn’t He Wonderful

For more actions, click here.

Let’s Read

Up and Down

By: Catherine Hnatov

Also available in select other languages.

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