Photo Credits

I have used photos from various sources in the creation of this website. Below are some of my photo sources. If you are interested in knowing the source of a specific photo not listed below you can ask about it through the contact page.



  • My profile photo was taken by Let There Be Light Photography in Calgary AB.
  • Most photographs throughout my website were retrieved from I have put them into one collection where you can find info about the photographer or download the photo for your own use. Click here to view my Unsplash collection.
  • The Add A Little logo (Daisy) and all other cover images on the Add A Little Curriculum blog posts were generated using Craiyon, unless otherwise indicated.
  • My primary source for clipart is Free SVG
  • Most photos taken of specific art, crafts, or activities were taken by me.


Other photos:

  • Photos by M. Jeff Little:
     Various tools arranged together Various tools lined up together


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