Image 5 from Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy 2019

The Biggest Circle of All

Entry in Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy Contest 2019

By: S. J. Little

Image: #5 (as seen above)

Word Count: 196

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Tad, the kitten, loved round things. He found lots of round things at his farm. The tractor’s wheels were big circles. The chicken’s eggs were small ovals. Even the juicy apples were round.

One day, Tad noticed orange round things in the garden. Mommy called them pumpkins. Every day Tad checked on the pumpkins. Every day the pumpkins grew bigger.

Suddenly, things began to change. The air was cooler. The leaves changed colours. The farmer picked the juicy red apples from the trees. Then the farmer picked the great big pumpkins.

Tad felt sad because so many round things were gone.

Mommy smiled. “Not all the round things are gone. Tonight, if you look, you will see the biggest round thing of all.”

Tad was excited. What would the round thing be? Could it really be bigger than a pumpkin, or the tractor’s wheels?

That night, after it was dark, Tad looked around. Then he saw it. The moon was a circle, and tonight it was huge and orange.

“It’s the harvest moon,” Mommy explained.

Amazed, Tad climbed into a tall tree and watched the beautiful orange moon rise in the sky. He wasn’t sad anymore.

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