Add A Little – 1 Year Old Curriculum – Unit 10

My Turn, Your Turn

Vocabulary: Catch, Roll, Pass, Turn

Disclaimer: All activities require adult supervision and discretion. Read more…

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Let’s Wiggle

Can’t Catch Me


  • Clear your area of obstacles to enable safe running around.

Time to Play:

  • Tell your child that you are going to play the “Catch Me” game. Encourage them to run away while you run to catch them.
  • Based on your child’s interest level, run and catch them several times.
  • Then change things up. Explain that you are going to run away and it is their turn to catch you. Be sure not to run away too fast.
  • Play several rounds of them catching you.
  • For older children, once your child has caught the hang of both ways to play, consider taking turns back and forth: “First you run away, then it is my turn to run away.”

Let’s Explore

Roll the Ball


  • 1 medium-large light ball per two or three people
    • Alternatively consider using a bean bag or a toy car that rolls well


  • Clear an area to sit on the floor facing each other with no obstacles in between.

Time to Play:

  • Have both you and your child sit on the floor facing each other. Sit with your legs straight in front of you spread into a “V” shape. To begin with, sit with your feet nearly touching your child’s feet.
  • Explain to your child that you are going to pass the ball to each other.
  • Gently roll the ball to your child. Encourage them to catch it.
  • Encourage your child to roll the ball back to you.
  • Continue rolling the ball back and forth from one person to the other.
  • For added challenge, increase the distance between you or consider bouncing the ball to each other.
  • This game is suited for older 1 year olds. Remember that sharing and passing are new skills for your child so laugh and make this a fun game even if your child is reluctant to pass the ball back. If it just doesn’t work, consider playing again in a few weeks.
  • In a classroom setting, pair two children per ball and encourage them to pass to each other.

Let’s Sing

Row Row Row Your Boat

This can be a great partner song. Sit cross-legged facing your child. Hold hands. “Row” your boat by leaning backward and forward together. Consider singing the song again faster.

Let’s Sing

Christian Song

Who Did Swallow Jonah

For lyrics and actions, click here.

Let’s Read

I Share

Author: Cheri J Meiners
Illustrator: Penny Weber

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