Add A Little – 1 Year Old Curriculum – Unit 2


Vocabulary: Pillow, Soft, Container, Put In

Disclaimer: All activities require adult supervision and discretion. Read more…

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Let’s Wiggle

Pillow Mountain


  • Large thick blankets
  • Pillows
  • Open floor space
  • Optional: Giant stuffed animals (if entirely soft)
  • Optional: Couch cushions, etc.
  • Optional: Foam mats, exercise mats and/or similar


  • Clear a large floor space by removing any hard objects, including any tables or chairs that have hard legs which could pose a bumping hazard.
  • Place any mats on the floor.
  • Spread your largest blanket on top of the mats (this will help keep everything else from sliding, especially on hard floors).
  • Spread any other thick blankets you have on top.
  • Heap all your pillows and giant stuffed animals on top of the middle of the blankets.

Time to Play:

  • Lead by example. Climb onto the pillow mountain. Roll around enjoying the softness.
  • Encourage your toddler to join you.
  • Have fun tumbling around on the mountain.

Let’s Explore

Pieces of Nature


  • Two bowls or containers, etc.
  • 3-7 items from outside that are taste-safe and not choking hazards, consider:
    • Pine cones
    • Flowers (taste-safe only)
    • Rocks (too big to choke on)
    • Leaves


  • Clear an area for playing on the floor
  • Place one bowl with all the objects on the floor.
  • Place the other bowl beside it.

Time to Play:

  • Model how to pick an item from the first bowl, examine it, and put it in the second bowl.
  • Encourage your child to explore the items.

Let’s Sing

She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain

Let’s Read


Author: Jaye Garnett

Illustrator: Ariel Silverstein

Note: For 1 year olds, read as a point and name book.

Let’s Sing

Christian Song

My God is So Big

Words and Actions for “My God is So Big”


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2 thoughts on “Mountains – 1.2 – Add A Little

    • A toddler who is 21 months old will likely enjoy these activities, songs, and the book. If needed, you can make the “Pieces of Nature” activity more challenging by adding a spoon or soup ladle to use when transferring the nature items between the two bowls.

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