Stacks of heart-shaped cookies

A preschool story by S. J. Little for Susanna Hill’s writing contest.

Contest: write a Valentines Day story that has to do with curiosity

Contest details:

Word count: 208

Sasha danced into the kitchen wearing her red Valentine’s Day dress.

Grandma opened the oven door. She pulled out golden heart-shaped cookies.

Sasha sniffed the air. “Yummy! Can I eat one?”

Grandma waved her away. “Not until they cool.”

Sasha opened the fridge. “Where’s the milk?”

“Oh dear,” said Grandma, “I forgot milk to go with the cookies. Will you get some?”

Sasha didn’t want to leave. The cookies smelled delicious, but they would be even better with milk.


Sasha hurried across the street to the store. She couldn’t wait to eat the cookies!

As she passed her neighbor, he sniffed. “What’s that wonderful smell?”

Sasha smiled. “Come see!”

The mailman paused and took a long whiff. “What’s that scrumptious smell?”

Sasha grinned. “Come see!”

At the store, Sasha found the milk.

The cashier smelled the air. “What’s that delightful smell?”

Sasha giggled. “Come see!”

When Sasha got home, she called, “Grandma, we have visitors!”

Outside stood the cashier, the mailman, and their neighbor, licking their lips. “Something smells delicious! Can we have some, please?”

Grandma laughed. “Come on in.”

Together they enjoyed the heart-shaped cookies and milk.

Grandma hugged Sasha. “Today we’ve shared more than cookies. We’ve loved these people. That’s what Valentine’s Day is for.”

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