Look! Footprints!

Preschool story by S. J. Little

Story entered in the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2023: https://sites.google.com/view/springflingwritingcontest  https://ciaraoneal.weebly.com/spring-fling-kidlit-contest/time-to-take-the-leap

Max word count: 150

Story word count: 148

GIF source: https://tenor.com/view/mud-boots-muddy-weather-new-rock-boots-gif-20008573

Joey looked at the ground. Last night’s rain had created mud.

“Look! Footprints!”

Joey examined the footprints. “Four round toes and no claws. What animal could it be?”

He followed the footprints and spied an orange tail twitching behind the flowerpot.

“They’re cat footprints.”

Joey studied the ground again. This time he spotted long skinny footprints.

“Three toes pointing forward and one pointing backward. I wonder who made these?”

He followed the footprints until they disappeared.

“Where did they go?”

A bird chirped from a nearby fencepost.

Joey grinned. “You made those footprints, didn’t you?”

Looking at the ground by his rubber boots, Joey noticed more footprints.

“So small! Four tiny toes.”

He followed the footprints to a large tree trunk. Chattering overhead made him look up.

“A squirrel! What little toes you have.”

Turning back toward his house, Joey spotted bootprints.

He laughed. “I made footprints too!”

A snowflake behind the title: Blake the Snowflake


Blake the Snowflake

Preschool story by S. J. Little

Story written for 50 Precious Words writing contest. Details at: https://viviankirkfield.com/2022/03/04/50preciouswords-2022-official-contest-post/

Max word count: 50

Story word count: 50

Blake the snowflake drifted to the ground.

“What will become of me?”

A door burst open. Laughter rang out!

Bundled up children hustled about.

A snowball rolled over Blake!

Blake got dizzy. Suddenly he stopped spinning.

Opening his eyes, Blake looked around.

He was on a snowman!

Blake started grinning.


Isolated for Halloween

By S. J. Little

Entered in Susanna Hill’s Contest – Halloweensie

Contest URL: https://susannahill.com/2021/10/29/the-11the-annual-halloweensie-writing-contest-aahhhrrrooooooooo/comment-page-1/#comment-75129

Max word count: 100

Word count: 99

“It’s no fun if we can’t go out for Halloween,” Jess moped.

“COVID’s too rampant,” Dad explained.


Later, Dad whispered, “You got them?”

Mom handed him a bag.

“Glow-in-the-dark paint. Perfect!”

They worked hard. Finally they finished.

“Now wait until tonight.”


At supper, Mom smiled sneakily. Jess didn’t notice.

Dad glanced at Mom. “Time for lights out.”

Jess frowned. “It’s not bedtime.”

Dad flipped off the lights.

The room transformed. Goosebumps tickled Jess’ spine. Everything glowed.

Mom uncovered goodies.

Jess licked her lips.

“Time for glow-in-the-dark foosball?” Dad asked.

Jess grinned. It would be an exciting night after all.



Need To Move!

Preschool story by S. J. Little

Story entered in the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest 2021: https://ciaraoneal.weebly.com/spring-fling-kidlit-contest https://sites.google.com/view/springflingwritingcontest/main

Max word count: 150

Story word count: 150

GIF source: https://media.giphy.com/media/xTka04cLCQGJ1NsQbS/giphy.gif

Robert the caribou calf yawned and opened his eyes.

As he rolled out of bed, he said, “Something is different.”

At breakfast, he asked for more grass.

“You’re hungry today!” his mother declared.

When he played with his trains, his tail began to twitch.

While watching cartoons, his ears began to swivel.

As he coloured a picture, his hooves began to fidget. He had to move!

“Mom, can I play outside?”

“Yes, you may.”

Robert dashed to the door and hurried out.

Warm sunshine touched his face. Grass peeked around decaying leaves where snow had been. Everything was turning green.

Robert galloped round and round.

He paused to smell the rich dirt as a worm wiggled through.

Hearing a melody, Robert looked up at the tree. “Welcome back, Mr. Robin!”

Sniffing the fresh air, Robert pranced through the yard.

Now he knew why he needed to move.

“Spring is here!”

Grandpa and preschool boy


By S. J. Little

Written for #50PreciousWords – a writing for children contest (details at viviankirkfield.com). The goal is to write a story for children with a max word count of 50 words.

Story word count: 50

Inspired by a true Covid-19 lockdown story.

“Hi Grandpa!” Charlie waved.

Through the video call, Grandpa’s eyes twinkled. “I have a mission for you. Find white mountains.”

Taking Grandpa along, Charlie searched the house.

His car mountain was green.

The white baskets weren’t mountains.

Wait! On the mailbox… White mountains!

Charlie spied a package. “Thanks!”

Grandpa beamed.