Grandpa and preschool boy


By S. J. Little

Written for #50PreciousWords – a writing for children contest (details at The goal is to write a story for children with a max word count of 50 words.

Story word count: 50

Inspired by a true Covid-19 lockdown story.

“Hi Grandpa!” Charlie waved.

Through the video call, Grandpa’s eyes twinkled. “I have a mission for you. Find white mountains.”

Taking Grandpa along, Charlie searched the house.

His car mountain was green.

The white baskets weren’t mountains.

Wait! On the mailbox… White mountains!

Charlie spied a package. “Thanks!”

Grandpa beamed.

Road leading into fog in forest with orange leaves

Daddy’s Near So I Won’t Fear

By S. J. Little

Written for: 

Word count = 198  (max. word count allowed = 200)

Image 10: 


Behind the story:

The fog hiding the distant road in this picture made me think of how sometimes, especially right now with this pandemic, we can only see a short distance ahead of ourselves on the journey called life. Taking that thought down to a child’s level, where do they find comfort when the journey holds scary things? In having their Daddy nearby.

This story is written to be a picture book for young preschoolers.

When Daddy buckled me in, I asked. “Where’re we going?”

“To Grandma’s house.”

“I love Grandma!”

Daddy started the car and away we went.


I watched the golden hayfields roll past.

Suddenly I saw a scary shape. It was tall with arms, and it was looking at me!

“What’s that!?”

Daddy glanced at the field. “That’s a scarecrow. It keeps the birds away. It won’t hurt you.”

I studied Daddy’s calm face.


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


The car tilted up. We were driving into the sky. I smiled, until I looked out the window and saw a steep cliff.

“We’re going to fall!” I cried.

Daddy wasn’t worried. “I’ll drive carefully. We’ll be safe.”


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


Further along, I watched beautiful leaves falling. Then the sun went down. Everything looked black.

I sucked my thumb. “It’s too dark!”

“It’s okay,” Daddy reassured. “The headlights will show us where to go.”


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


We turned a corner and there it was: Grandma’s house!

Warm light shone from the windows.

Grandma waved. “Come on in and Happy Thanksgiving!”

A squash growing from the dirt

Time to Plant a Little Seed

Written by S. J. Little

Entered in Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

Contest: “Find a gif and write a spring-inspired story.”

Max word count: 150

Current word count: 127

Gif source:

Time to plant a little seed.

Read instructions, then proceed.

Dirt and water, will I need,

Sun to make it grow with speed.


First I dig a hole, so small.

Then in it, a seed will fall.

Brush with dirt to hide it all.

Sprinkle water; now we stall.


Wait a little, wait a lot,

Day by day, I watch the spot.

“Will it grow at all?” I thought.

“Must I wait this long for naught?”


Look! I see it starts to show!

Bit by bit, but oh so slow.

It is coming, this I know.

Hurry up and grow, grow, grow!


Add more water, wait more days,

Let it feel the sun’s warm gaze.

Up and up its leaves will raise,

Thrilling me with bright displays!

Stacks of heart-shaped cookies

A preschool story by S. J. Little for Susanna Hill’s writing contest.

Contest: write a Valentines Day story that has to do with curiosity

Contest details:

Word count: 208

Sasha danced into the kitchen wearing her red Valentine’s Day dress.

Grandma opened the oven door. She pulled out golden heart-shaped cookies.

Sasha sniffed the air. “Yummy! Can I eat one?”

Grandma waved her away. “Not until they cool.”

Sasha opened the fridge. “Where’s the milk?”

“Oh dear,” said Grandma, “I forgot milk to go with the cookies. Will you get some?”

Sasha didn’t want to leave. The cookies smelled delicious, but they would be even better with milk.


Sasha hurried across the street to the store. She couldn’t wait to eat the cookies!

As she passed her neighbor, he sniffed. “What’s that wonderful smell?”

Sasha smiled. “Come see!”

The mailman paused and took a long whiff. “What’s that scrumptious smell?”

Sasha grinned. “Come see!”

At the store, Sasha found the milk.

The cashier smelled the air. “What’s that delightful smell?”

Sasha giggled. “Come see!”

When Sasha got home, she called, “Grandma, we have visitors!”

Outside stood the cashier, the mailman, and their neighbor, licking their lips. “Something smells delicious! Can we have some, please?”

Grandma laughed. “Come on in.”

Together they enjoyed the heart-shaped cookies and milk.

Grandma hugged Sasha. “Today we’ve shared more than cookies. We’ve loved these people. That’s what Valentine’s Day is for.”

Making star Christmas cookies

Peter’s Cookies

Preschool story by S. J. Little

Entered in Susanna Hill’s 9th Annual Holiday Contest

Contest: “Write a children’s holiday story about A Holiday TREAT!”

Word count max: 250

Peter’s Cookies word count: 247

Cold snow tickled Peter’s nose as Mother hurried him along.

Suddenly, he pointed at a shop window.

“Look Mommy! Giant star cookies! Can I have one?”

Mother shook her head. “I’m sorry, Peter. Those beautiful cookies are too expensive for us.”

Peter sighed. The cookie would’ve been a yummy treat.

When they got home, Mother scurried around the house getting everything ready for when Grandpa would arrive for Christmas.

“Mommy, can you make cookies for Grandpa? He loves cookies!”

“I’m sorry, Peter, I don’t have time. I have to clean and make dinner.”

Peter frowned. Then he had an idea.

“Can I make cookies for Grandpa?”

Mother looked at him, and smiled.

“That’s a fine idea.”

Peter washed his hands and found the mixing bowl. He could do this!

One, two, three, he counted the scoops of flour.

One, two, three, he measured the spoons of sugar.

Mother cracked the eggs.

Peter stirred and mixed and stirred some more.

Then he scooped and scraped and rolled.

He cut star cookies as big as the ones in the shop.

Mother put the pan in the hot oven.

Peter put everything away.

Then he waited.

Beep, beep! The timer sounded.

Mother pulled the pan of golden cookies from the oven.

Peter added red, green, and white icing. He even put sprinkles on top.

Ding, dong! The doorbell rang.


“Do I smell Christmas cookies?” asked Grandpa.

Peter grabbed his hand. “Come see!”

“These are beautiful! What a tasty treat!”