Child sleeping behind title: 3 Super Simple Lullabies


Do you like to sing to your child as you put them to bed? Want some new songs to try? Looking for a transition song to sing just before nap time? Then you’re in the right place.

Below are three original super simple lullabies for you and your children to learn.

Since these are original words, please include my name with them.

Time to Sleep

Words by: S. J. Little

Tune: Kum Ba Yah


Time to sleep, my child, time to sleep.

Time to sleep, my child, time to sleep.

Time to sleep, my child, time to sleep.

Hush now, time to sleep.


If you want to change up this simple lullaby, try singing “go to sleep”, “you can sleep”, or “let’s all sleep” instead of “time to sleep”.

Hush Hush

Words by: S. J. Little

Tune: Row Row Row Your Boat


Hush, hush, hush, it’s time,

Close your eyes and dream,

Quietly, quietly, quietly, quietly,

Snuggle down for sleep.

Count Slow

Words by: S. J. Little

Tune: Are You Sleeping


Time for sleeping, time for sleeping,

Close your eyes, close your eyes.

Lie still and count slow, lie still and count slow.

One, two, three; four, five, six.


Se-ven ei-ght; ni-ne t-en,

Eleven twelve; thirteen fourteen,

Fifteen sixteen seventeen; eighteen nineteen twenty.

Hush now sleep. Hush now sleep.

What’s your favourite lullaby to sing?

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