A squash growing from the dirt

Time to Plant a Little Seed

Written by S. J. Little

Entered in Spring Fling Kidlit Contest



Contest: “Find a gif and write a spring-inspired story.”

Max word count: 150

Current word count: 127

Gif source: https://gfycat.com/liquidsophisticatedbarebirdbat-timelapse-seedling-growing-squash-garden

Time to plant a little seed.

Read instructions, then proceed.

Dirt and water, will I need,

Sun to make it grow with speed.


First I dig a hole, so small.

Then in it, a seed will fall.

Brush with dirt to hide it all.

Sprinkle water; now we stall.


Wait a little, wait a lot,

Day by day, I watch the spot.

“Will it grow at all?” I thought.

“Must I wait this long for naught?”


Look! I see it starts to show!

Bit by bit, but oh so slow.

It is coming, this I know.

Hurry up and grow, grow, grow!


Add more water, wait more days,

Let it feel the sun’s warm gaze.

Up and up its leaves will raise,

Thrilling me with bright displays!

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6 thoughts on “Time to Plant a Little Seed

    • S. J. Little says:

      Thanks for your comment, Kaitlyn, and thank you for all your work in putting on the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest!

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