Road leading into fog in forest with orange leaves

Daddy’s Near So I Won’t Fear

By S. J. Little

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Word count = 198  (max. word count allowed = 200)

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Behind the story:

The fog hiding the distant road in this picture made me think of how sometimes, especially right now with this pandemic, we can only see a short distance ahead of ourselves on the journey called life. Taking that thought down to a child’s level, where do they find comfort when the journey holds scary things? In having their Daddy nearby.

This story is written to be a picture book for young preschoolers.

When Daddy buckled me in, I asked. “Where’re we going?”

“To Grandma’s house.”

“I love Grandma!”

Daddy started the car and away we went.


I watched the golden hayfields roll past.

Suddenly I saw a scary shape. It was tall with arms, and it was looking at me!

“What’s that!?”

Daddy glanced at the field. “That’s a scarecrow. It keeps the birds away. It won’t hurt you.”

I studied Daddy’s calm face.


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


The car tilted up. We were driving into the sky. I smiled, until I looked out the window and saw a steep cliff.

“We’re going to fall!” I cried.

Daddy wasn’t worried. “I’ll drive carefully. We’ll be safe.”


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


Further along, I watched beautiful leaves falling. Then the sun went down. Everything looked black.

I sucked my thumb. “It’s too dark!”

“It’s okay,” Daddy reassured. “The headlights will show us where to go.”


Daddy’s near, so I won’t fear,

Whatever the journey brings.


We turned a corner and there it was: Grandma’s house!

Warm light shone from the windows.

Grandma waved. “Come on in and Happy Thanksgiving!”

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