Christian Resources

Please note, while I recommend the following sites, I have no control over their content. Therefore, please use your own discretion.

Note, some of these sites contain adult content. 


Free Online Bible

Blue Letter Bible

Allows you to dig deeper by providing information about the original language behind each word, cross-references and so much more for free.


Bible Gateway

Free access to countless Bible translations including a wide range of languages.

Knowing God – the Gospel

A look at the core beliefs of Christianity by S. J. Little

Recommended Audio Sermons

While I have been blessed by the teaching of many, here are some available online whom I have listened to extensively.


Stay in the Word

Pastor Glen Nudd preaches verse by verse through the Bible. I have enjoyed and been challenged by many of his sermons.


Elisabeth Elliot

A missionary, daughter, wife, mother, widow, and grandmother – I have been inspired by Elisabeth Elliot’s down to earth faith.


Enduring Word

Verse by verse sermons and Bible commentary from Pastor David Guzik


Simply put, apologetics refers to having a reasoned understanding of something. The following sites can help you gain a better understanding of Biblical truths.

Always Be Ready

Offers Bible-based responses to many of today’s pressing issues.



Ravi Zacharias and others thoughtfully discuss challenging questions. This site is excellent for deep thinkers.

Free Scripture Songs

These free downloadable word-for-word Scripture songs have helped me memorize many Bible verses.

Scripture Songs for Worship


The Verses Project

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